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Lenovo Energy Management 6.0

Power management system designed byLenovo to be used only in notebooks
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Energy Management, designed by the notebooks manufacturer Lenovo, is a power management utility specially configured to be used on notebooks. If you try to run it on a regular desktop PC, it won’t even open. You can use it on notebooks of any brand though.

The system fine-tunes the power consumption on notebooks by coordinating the activity of software and hardware integrally. This achieves two goals: on the short run you will be able to improve the battery endurance and spread the charging intervals; on the long run you will increase the battery life cycle and save a lot of money.

Energy Management offers four preset schemes for you to choose the one that suits your needs best, and also allows you to create your own scheme by modifying any of those - which is definitely a faster and easier process than creating a scheme from scratch. In addition to the schemes, there are some global options you can configure, which will affect all the power schemes.

The utility will load to your system tray as a green battery icon indicating it’s active. Right clicking on this icon will launch a menu from which you can select the power scheme you want to use at the moment. You can also hide the icon from that menu. Energy Management includes a special hot key to manage wireless devices' energy consumption. This will open a specific dialog allowing you to enable and disable the different devices available on your notebook. Disabling a device involves cutting off the power to it, saving energy for more useful tasks at times when you are not using it.

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  • It's extremely easy-to-use
  • It coordinates both hardware and software
  • It increases the battery life cycle


  • It's available only in English and simplified Chinese (it can run on systems of any language though)
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